Savannah is an amazing place with so many things to do.  It can be difficult for travelers to differentiate between the tourist traps and the genuinely cool.  Here is a summary of our favorites things to do in the area.

Connect Savannah – This is the one stop shop for all the happenings in town.  Locals  check in here to find out what the cools kids are doing this week.  Most weekends have multiple activities or shows worth checking out.  You can look at the calendar on their website or pick up a hard copy from any of the numerous free bins around town.


Fort Pulaski – Completed in 1847, this Civil War fort was held by the confederate army until being captured by the union in 1862.  The fort is packed full of history and offers free guided tours daily at 11 with an entrance fee of $7.  Miles of trails surround the fort, offering gorgeous views of the marshes and the Savannah River.  The Cockspur Island lighthouse is accessible via foot at low tide.

Wormsloe – General Sherman and his union army burned everything in its path on their way to Savannah.  Luckily, he found Savannah just too beautiful to burn.  However, you won’t find any plantations in the area that survived his fire.  Wormsloe is about as close as you can get and the canopy of live oaks over the entrance road is worth the $10 price of admission in itself.

Owens-Thomas House – One of the oldest and most prestigious homes in Savannah, it’s said that this house had indoor plumbing before the White House!  Is it true?  We’re not sure, but it sure makes a good story.  The entrance fee of $20 comes with a guided tour that departs every 15 minutes.  Bring that student ID for $5 off.

Outdoor Activities

Forsyth Park – If the squares are the lifeblood of the city, Forsyth is the heart.  This park is chocked full of sunny green space in the south and the pleasant shade of live oaks on the northern side.  On a nice day the park is full of people both young and old walking, playing frisbee, or lounging around.  Grab some food from nearby Kroger and make a picnic out of it!

North Island Surf and Kayak – The marshes of the lowcountry provide some of the most diverse wildlife in the southeast.  There is no better way to experience this than getting out on the water yourself!  Shane at North Island is an local expert and will set you up right.  They offer both guided tours ($50 half day) and boat rentals ($45 single/$55 double).  We can’t make any promises, but chances are you’ll see some dolphins along the way.


Congress Street is the heart of the “bar scene”.  Centered around city market there are more bars than you’ll have time to explore.  We understand how subjective and opinionated this discussion could become, but take it or leave it, these are our tips!  Don’t forget that you can grab a plastic to go cup and take your drink with you.

The Rail – By far the most popular dive bar (oxymoron?), the rail has been a local staple for 21 years.  Get there by 5 on Fridays for the free wings!  Yes, buy a drink (during happy hour at that) and they’ll give you free wings!  Just don’t eat them all before we show up.  Live music often fills the yard out back later on.

Social Club – Known affectionately, depending on who you talk to, as “Brocial”, this bar will undoubtedly be filled soon after nightfall and stay that way until close.  We suggest going on a calmer Tuesday night at 9 for trivia.

Abe’s – A smaller and less crowded dive bar, this is a great place to hang out and meet new people.  Some nights include live music and a DJ spins classic 90s hip hop on Fridays.

Top Deck – On the roof of the Cotton Sail hotel, this is the best place to grab a drink and watch the sunset over the river or gaze at the massive ships coming in all night long.  A bit more upscale, the views make up for the price of the drinks.  Just walk in the hotel lobby and take the elevator to the top, it’s open to the public.


Vinnie’s – The best New York style pizza to be found outside of New York (or maybe even in it).  This is hands down the local favorite for a slice of pie.  As wait times are often annoyingly long, we recommend ordering a slice to go and eating on a bench in City Market.  Same food, same views, less wait.  Don’t try and pay with plastic, they only take cash (ATM inside).

Zunzi’s – A local staple, this uniquely South African cuisine has been satisfying tourists and locals alike for years.  You can’t go wrong with an Oliver’s Lunch on mash with both sausages.  Expect long lines at lunch, go at an off hour or dinner for a more palatable wait.

Fancy Parker’s – Do you find it odd that we’re recommending a gas station for food?  Don’t worry, it’s colloquially referred to as fancy for a reason.  Open 24/7, the breakfast bowl with eggs, a biscuit, gravy, and bacon is sure to please both late night and early morning.

Mrs. Wilkes – “Ah, I haven’t be there yet” is often the response you’ll hear from young locals referring to this southern staple.  But fret not, we have, and it’s fantastic.  The only reason they haven’t been yet is because there’s no way to get around waiting outside for a couple hours.  Open only for lunch during the week, you’re going to have to put some effort in to taste what some call the best southern eatin’ in Savannah, and we can’t argue.